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While the cost of living is rapidly increasing, families are finding it even more difficult to afford the added monthly costs of sports programs for their children. Sadly, many kids have very little physical activity. Today's youth are faced with a growing list of obstacles such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, obesity to name a few and with very limited ways to overcome them.

TeensWork FreeSports is a nation-wide Not-For Profit organization created to remove the financial barriers of being part of a team, that prevents so many kids from developing positive and healthy habits through organized sports.

Teenswork Roots

The year was 1991. The Gulf War ended, Super Nintendo was released, the very first-ever website was created, the delightful Robin Williams introduced the world to a grown Peter Pan in the unforgettable Hook, Nirvana released Smells Like Teen Spirit-what an incredible year it was to be alive. The 90’s were just beginning to take shape. But what was another first that year? It was August 24th, 1991. After 9 months of nurturing and preparation the big day had finally arrived..

Teenswork was born!!! On a bright warm summer day, when it happened.... the very first box of Teenswork chocolate were sold. Sealing the fate of two men with one common goal: To make the world a better place, one box of chocolate at a time.

Teenswork started as a sales company aimed at helping youth. As years passed the dream evolved, our youth program took on thousands of students. We reinvented ourselves to adapt the needs and growth of our youth. Today we are extremely proud to have 5 different Teenswork divisions striving toward one single goal. To create positive change for students throughout our communities.

Our Mission

Teenswork Freesports mission is to provide organized sports leagues throughout communities as well as sponsor children for city sports.
“Removing financial barriers for all kids to play organized sports!”

Teenswork Values

The values we share at Teenswork inspire us to achieve great heights of education and empowerment believing that all youth have the ability to live up to their full potential

For over 30 years Teenswork has been devoted to keeping the principles of respect, honesty, acceptance, empathy, communication, willingness to work hard and of course, having fun.

We believe every company has a responsibility to leave the world a little better than where they found it, we accomplish this by inspiring the next generation

“It takes a village to raise a child is a well-known proverb. It draws us back to the meaning of community and how important it is to get support from others. Youth will benefit from interacting with the community and learning from other Teenswork family members when joining our program. Our goal is to build up courage, confidence, and leadership ability into the teens that we work with. Throughout their journey, teens will learn valuable life skills such as communication, sales, customer service, money management, and responsibility.”

Pay My Season Contest !!

Teenswork Free Sports is proud to announce our first annual “Pay My Season’ contest.

We will be looking for 1 winner from each of the 10 Canadian provinces.

This contest is open to all youth under 18 years of age.

Please register here on teensworkfreesports.org

Video clip Rules:

Video Max length = 90 seconds

  • Must include a verbal statement of why Teenswork free sports should pay for their sports season.
  • Must include the participant either playing or practicing their favorite sport and or a simple shot, trick or physical move from their favorite sport.

Video uploading Rules:

  • All videos must include the following hashtags: #paymyseasonchallenge #teensworkfreesports   #teensworkfundraising   #teensworkcanada   #teensworkusa   #(the name of the sport you are in)
  • Must be uploaded to all of your social media accounts.
  • One participant from each province they reside in, will win the challenge by having the most likes on facebook in that province

Maximum funding awarded to each contest winner for their organized sports season of training or competition with a registered sports organization is $555 CDN Money will be paid directly to their sports organization of their choice.

How you can help

Ways to support youth in your community

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Teenswork Sponsorship Program

Teenswork Free Sports is now opening the opportunity for students to reach their goals of being the next Wayne Gretzky, Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dan Marino. Teenswork Sponsorship Program is designed to help low-income families provide the financial means for recreational sports. Giving students across the country the opportunities to follow their passion for the sport they love.

We want to see your energy and the passion for the love of the sport you're inspired to play. Send our team a 30 second video. Tell us a little about yourself. Followed by what this sport means to you.


Teenswork Student Testimonials


Has been a part of the Teenswork family for over 3 years. She has the kindest heart. Always looking forward to bringing people joy and laughter. Making it her goal every day to have customers leaving with a smile!


This young man has been with the Teenswork family for over 10 years!! He started off as a young teen, Now Eric is a team leader. Continuing to grow the family! Honored to be a part of your journey. Watching you grow into the man you are today. That’s the most rewarding part of our Teenswork family.


She has been a part of the Teenswork family for over 3 years. Always asking questions trying to better herself along the way. Working towards having a strong foundation for the future. We are so proud of you!


Has been a part of the Teenswork family for over 6 years! Started off a young teen. Now a team leader. Continuing to grow the Teenswork family! Keep making us proud! Honored to be in your journey!

Teenswork Family

Here at Teenswork we believe in work hard play hard! Hitting the theme park is just one of many activities we take part in to reward our students!


Has been a part of the Teenswork family for over 5 years! Overcoming many different battles. She has grown into a remarkable young lady. Always working to grow in every aspect of life. Smashing the national sale record along the way! So proud of you!


Has been a part of the Teenswork family for 6 months. No matter how bad your day is going. Jaxson always finds a way to make you laugh. One of the funniest teens we have ever had in our family.


Has been a part of the Teenswork family for 5 years! Second generation going strong. His older brother Braiden work with us as well. Both boys are such kind hearts. Hard workers. Always positive. Ready for the next adventure!


We are always looking to find new ambitious talent.

For employment opportunities please forward a resume with cover letter to

careers@teensworkfreesports.org volunteer@teensworkfreesports.org